OvO: A Complete Guide, OvO Speedrun and More (2024)

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Dec 26, 2022


OvO: A Complete Guide, OvO Speedrun and More (2)

OvO Cool Math Games is a kind of game that tests your skills level and hand-eye coordination. This game is simple but not tricky to master. This guide aims to provide you with everything you need to know about speedrunning, from starting out to mastering OvO speedruns.

In this article, we’ll complete guide of the game, teach you how to play OvO on Cool Math Games, and catch the some useful tips and tricks to help to make a new high score.

OvO is an acronym for “overwhelming victory”, which is the goal of a speedrun of the game StarCraft. OvO refers to the fact that a player achieving an overwhelming victory in the game, typically by winning all possible games in a given matchup, is said to have achieved an “OvO” victory.

OvO is a fast-paced Strategy game that takes around 45 minutes to complete. To beat OvO, you must complete all the levels on this game. The OvO game is easy to learn and can be enjoyed by all ages.It’s perfect for anyone who wants to sharpen their skills and have some fun while doing so. Plus, the game is easy to learn so even beginners can get into it quickly.

This game is simple stick figure and lined world. You must navigate the levels and reach the flag without losing on spikes and dangerous obstacles. While you playing OvO, then expected to parkour and free run through different levels of the game. If you jump off walls is not possible and run directly in front of them. Climb the walls and jump over ledges to avoid obstacles standing in your way.

In OvO each level has other obstacles and your goal is to avoid these obstacles and complete the each level. The game is not easy but the faster you beat it, the higher your score.

There are coins scattered throughout the levels to collect. If you find all the coins in each level, you will get maximum score as you progress. And you will received more skins and achievements to unlock.

Here is the more features on OvO Online Game:-

  • Pressing R Restarts the level.
  • CTRL + R Restart the whole run play mode.
  • Activate hard mode in the options if you are a hard player
  • Activate advances mode in the options to get level replays.
  • In advances mode your can toggle debug mode in the pause menu or using F2.
  • On desktop you can change the keys you wish to use for movement in the options.

The game control is very simple you just use the ARROW KEYS on your keyboard and move your player faster. If you press the left arrow key down, your stick figure runs left and if you press the right key, they run right.

When you’re running, press the DOWN ARROW KEY to slide under an object. To jump while you playing OvO on your web browser, press the UP ARROW KEY. If you jump while sliding, you’ll get further into your jump.

To smash, press the DOWN KEY when you’re in mid-air. This move allows the player to pass through transparent objects in the game. If you want to jump higher, press the UP BOTTON after using a smash attack. When learning to how to play OvO Cool Math Games, it’s important to master these mechanics if you want to go far in the game.

At the same time has been about 30 OvO Speedrun attempts! After recently new updates the timings keep getting better and better works with the fastest glitchless run is just under 6 minutes. However, you shouldn’t expect anything close to that time.

Our recommendation? Just have fun, and your timing will naturally start getting faster and faster. If getting speedrunning then you’ll need to play OvO thousand times if you hope to break the higher record.

There are few games that similar to Ovo Cool Math Games and they follow the same platformer game genre. When you’ve finished playing OvO, we recommend that check out the similar games Big Tower Tiny Square and Just A Platformer. They both have the same philosophy as OvO. That games are playing as a fun and challenging platformer that will make you think.

Big Tower Tiny Square is the best platforming game that requires focus and good hand-eye coordination. Try this game after you beat all the levels in OvO.

OvO’s controls are very simple, with only arrows on the keyboard and any beginner want to start play OvO they can learn easily. The only hard part of OvO game is getting the timing down, which shouldn’t take too long. In our opinion is that the play OvO is not a difficult, but having a really good time in OvO is so hard. These is my thought about this game and you will go so start playing and test it for yourself. Who knows the next high score maker is you in OvO Speedrunning Competition!

Practice by playing against AI opponents in skirmishes or custom games. Watch speedrun OvO and try to learn from the pros how they play particular matchups. Use tricks learned from watching videos to improve your gameplay mechanics. Finally, join a competitive tournament and see if you can dethrone your rivals!

If you’re looking to speedrun your favorite OvO Cool Math Game, or just want to get better at the game itself, here are some tips for OvO Speedrun Faster:

1. Keep track of your time. Time yourself in the beginning and end of each run, and see if you can shave off any precious seconds.

2. Practice, practice, practice. The more you play the game, the faster you’ll OvO.

3. Find a strat. There’s no shame in using pre-planned strategies to OvO faster; after all, that’s what speedrunners use too! Search online for previous runs of your favorite games and look for strats that work well for you.

4. Embrace chaos. Some games are easier than others when it comes to OvO — sometimes it pays to go with the flow and play whatever happens rather than trying to predict every move ahead of time.

5. Have fun! Speedrunning isn’t all about getting through levels as quickly as possible; it’s also about having a great time while doing it!

Yes, you can play OvO on your mobile without worrying about losing your data.

This game you can play on any web browser on your desktop and i want to play at your mobile so download Coolmath Games app then you can play OvO on your devices.

In latest update OvO Games contains 52 Levels in different game platforms.

No at this time OvO 2 is not available on Cool Math Games. For play OvO 2 search another gaming platforms.

The OvO community has grown exponentially in recent years, with new speedruns being released every day. This guide is designed to give you a comprehensive overview of the game and help you improve your technique. I hope that by reading it you will be able to speedrun OvO like a pro and take home the coveted first place trophy!

Now that you know how to play OvO Cool Math Games, you can test your skills at cool math games, or download the Coolmath Games app to play it there!

OvO: A Complete Guide, OvO Speedrun and More (2024)


Is there a level 61 in OvO? ›

The latest version of the game contains 61 levels, 4 of which were produced by members of the community though events.

What is the highest level on OvO? ›

Community Levels is the seventh section of the game, consisting of levels 49-52.

What is the world record for OvO level 2? ›

LevelFirst placeSecond place
20m 04s 470ms StephenMogo0m 04s 670ms ChanceManRox
30m 01s 950ms StephenMogo0m 01s 960ms linxmoment Ordinal_Grumbo
40m 02s 790ms StephenMogo0m 02s 800ms slow_197
50m 02s 970ms TheLilJoker StephenMogo slow_197 Wolf_Strike FL1CKD
56 more rows

Is there an OvO 2? ›

***Introduction OvO 2 is an exhilarating platformer game that challenges players to navigate through a series of complex levels filled with obstacles, traps, and puzzles. Developed by [Game Developer Name], this game has gained popularity for its fast-paced gameplay, precise controls, and intense level designs.

Is there a secret level in OvO? ›

One is on level fourteen, where if you wait for a while the spikes that come together to crush you at the start move to reveal a secret room that says ¨A F¨, and the other is in level 23, with going the intended path teleports you to a secret room.

Can you do a flip in OvO? ›

The easiest way to pull this off is to backflip (slide jump then dive) into a wall. Doing so will send you backward. When you hit the ground, momentum jump off it to continue backward. Inputs are: down up down (to backflip), up.

How to smash in OvO 2? ›

To smash, press the DOWN KEY when you're in mid-air. This move allows the player to pass through transparent objects in the game. If you want to jump higher, press the UP BOTTON after using a smash attack.

Is A glitch a cheat? ›

Some people use these terms interchangeably. A glitch is generally accidental, and not abusable to further anything. A cheat is generally done on purpose, and it is used to further something, or to show off that you can cheat. Abuse of a cheat can be a bannable offense if it is truly a cheat and not a glitch.

Why is glitch called glitch? ›

Glitch is derived from glitsh, Yiddish for slippery place, and from glitshn, meaning to slide, or glide. Glitch was in use in the 1940s by radio announcers to indicate an on-air mistake. By the 1950s, the term had migrated to television, where engineers used glitch to refer to technical problems.

What is the hourglass in OvO? ›

There are a few secrets in OvO. One of which is the Secret Coin, which is a coin that can be unlocked (see Secret Coin). The other one is the Credits Hourglass. When you double-click on the hourglass in the credits, you will unlock all the levels.

What is the oldest version of OvO? ›

Procanim (1.0alpha)

Procanim OvO was the first version ever made of OvO. It had 64 levels, but you could only play 8 of them because you would get stuck in an infinite loop of level 8, sort of like Pac-Man Level 256.

What are the levels of the OvO game? ›

  • Level 1, Start.
  • Level 2, Hard.
  • Level 3, Harder.
  • Level 4, Hardest.
  • Level 5, Dangerous.
  • Level 6, Impossible.
  • Level 7, Godlike.
  • Level 8, Jump & Dive.

How many levels does OvO 2 have? ›

OvO 2 is the sequel to the original OvO, the game plays almost identical to the original, with the exception of the new wall climbing mechanic, as well as some physics of some moves being different, or removed entirely. It is unknown if this game is still in development. It has ~16 levels and has no timer at the end.

Where is the secret coin in OvO? ›

The Secret Coin can be found in the Shop area. When in the shop, stand on top of the red hesh platform.

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